Eve Monsees & The Exiles


Blues grooves, Texas roots and trashy garage from Austin, TX


Vocals, Guitar / Eve Monsees
Guitar / Thierry Le Coz
Bass / Pat Collins
Drums / Mike Buck






"You Know She Did" is the latest release by the band.  Currently available on CD, but vinyl will be available soon!  "Blow Your Mind" and the self titled debut round out the entire catalog.


You know she did

Special guests Denny Freeman, Glen Clark, Lewis Cowdrey and Nate Basinger all make appearances on the latest release. 


blow your mind

Recorded at the Sweat Box in Austin, TX on 2 inch tape this release features Homer Henderson and Donna Pearl


Eve monsees       and the exiles

Debut release with original members Speedy Sparks and Grady Pinkerton along with guests Gary Clark Jr. and Charlie Sexton